How Teaching Abroad Changed My Life


I have always had this reoccurring dream. I saw myself teaching in another country. The thought of travelling and experiencing a new culture and learning a new language rippled through my hidden adventurous spirit. I was a bird in a cage crying out to be set free.

It was not until I shared this dream with a wonderful friend that he told me to just go for it. He told me to just take the risk and listen to my heart and not to settle for a life I’m not happy with. He told me to be true to myself and develop my interests and talents. He told me to just spread my wings and fly. His advice grew on me and step by step I began my transformation.

I took the Oxford Seminars TEFL course and they connected me to CAPS (Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools). I filled out an application and completed a Skype interview and after a few months of patiently waiting I was accepted into their Plus Program. I was on my way to Spain.

So far I have been in Spain for five months and it has been the best decision I have ever made. I went from the worst year of a broken long-term relationship, familial pressure and a soul-crushing job to the absolute best year of my life. This experience has completely changed me and helped me discover who I am.

I have travelled to Naples, Italy and around Spain. I will soon be venturing to London, Paris, Rome, Malta, Casablanca and Lisbon. I have met the greatest people, amazing teachers and people I consider my family. There are so many people who have helped and supported me and my heart is overflowing with gratitude towards them. I have learned that I love travelling, languages, photography, poetry and even painting canvases! I followed my passion for writing and combined it with my new-found love of travel, photography and poetry to create this wonderful blog. I have developed fluency in Spanish, picked up some Catalan and learned how to make delicious typical dishes. I have learned about Spanish and Catalan history, art, traditions and cuisine. Most importantly I realized that I am a natural teacher and this is the job I was always meant to do. Now I have been accepted into a highly competitive education program in Canada to become a certified teacher.

It is amazing how much one person can learn in so little time. I have realized that the reason the flower could not grow was not that it was a defective plant, but because it needed to change its environment to a fertile field where it could blossom and develop beautiful, vibrant petals. Sometimes we go through different periods in our life when we feel that all hope is lost until someone wakes us up and reminds us that we are full of light and love. I had my mentor guide me on this path and now my heart is full of nothing but love and gratitude for him. So now I will pay it forward to you.

The greatest advice I can give you is to follow your dreams. Let my story inspire you to wake up and do what you always wanted to do. We all go through rough times, but if you hold onto hope and work hard you will see that que será, será; life is what you make of it, so make it a beautiful work of art.

Stand Up. Stand Out.


I am living in this superficial society
Where everyone just wants to be a celebrity.
Let’s see who can get the most likes on Instagram,
The rest, I don’t give a damn.
Failing classes, getting into trouble; all this for fame,
When inside you are amazing and wasting that is a shame.
So many girls just want the hottest guy,
Just look good and keep their brains on standby.
Don’t worry, you will have a luxurious wedding with prince charming,
Lose yourself and your mind –that can’t be so alarming.
Your looks will fade and you will be left with a meaningless life,
Because you did what you saw on TV and only became a wife.
Don’t lose who you are, study hard and follow your dreams,
Looks and clothes and cars are not as fulfilling as it seems.
Stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone change that
Stand up for what you believe in and don’t be anyone’s doormat.
The one who truly loves you will always treat you with care,
You don’t have to change or chase him, for you he will always be there.
So make your life meaningful and do something to make a change;
Don’t worry if everyone thinks you are quite strange.
We are all strange in our own particular way,
But if we all play our part, we will only see better days.
Be strong and make this life worth living,
Be caring, compassionate, generous and forgiving.
Forget about the judgmental society that will just waste your time,
Find the highest mountain; get up and climb!

An Ode to Life


Life is a celebration, so let’s raise our glasses,
Even when our journey feels slow as molasses.
Thank you to all of the people who are there when I need them the most,
To you I dedicate this simple toast.
I appreciate everything about you and what you do for me,
And how you’ve helped me on this journey across the sea.
I am also grateful for getting through hell,
Including all of those times I wanted to yell.
Those are the moments that made me tough and strong;
The moments that helped me see where I belong.
Dante Alighieri believed you must walk through hell to get to paradise,
For some of us that may happen often, or maybe just twice.
So let’s raise our glasses and keep a positive attitude;
Always fill your hearts with love and never-ending gratitude.

Evergreen Paradise


Gentle winds flowing through my fragrant hair,
The morning sun toasting skin so fair.
The sound of birds fills the air;
Fluttering around without a care.
Tulips fill the meadows, row by row,
With the suns vibrant rays encouraging them to grow.
So many seeds mother nature sows,
The mystery of this creation, I will never know.
Nature is beautiful; an evergreen paradise,
Care for it always, that is my advice.

Significant Star


Sometimes you believe you’re not worth much,
That you always destroy everything you touch;
But if only you could see your brightness inside,
You would no longer cower away and hide.
For every star is born in total darkness,
Until they radiate into the world with the light that they harness.
You are wonderful for who you truly are,
A combustion of atoms; a bright shining star.
Although some paths are harder than others,
You are amazing; one of the world’s greatest wonders.
So love yourself as much as I do,
And you will see that your dreams can come true.
Live your life with nothing to regret,
Because you are a star, don’t you ever forget.