Camden Market


Near the Hampstead Road Lock of the Regent’s Canal in London, the buildings manifest into sculptures of the imagination, filled with colour and detail. Camden Market is a one-of-a-kind place with over 1,000 unique shops, stalls, bars and cafes selling crafts, clothing and fast food. These venues take merchandise displays to a whole other level with vividly unique spreads. Need new shoes? Look no further than the massive sculpted Vans that literally hang “off the wall.” Hungry? How about South African cuisine with a big warm welcome from a 20-foot high warrior statue? It is no wonder why Camden Market is the fourth-most popular attraction in London with approximately 250,000 visitors a week. The magical Camden Town includes the Camden Lock Market by the Regent’s Canal; the Stables Market, which was formerly Pickfords Horse Stables; Buck Street Market, which focuses on clothes; and the Inverness Street Market. Camden Market is a place full of life and imagination where crazy characters like the Mad Hatter can be spotted.