Start Here


Every journey has a beginning; the pivotal moment when the caterpillar ends her old life, and begins her transformation into her new life as a butterfly.

After graduating from university with a degree in English and Professional Writing, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I felt like I was living a pre-planned life that everyone else mapped out for me. I wasn’t happy and I felt empty like something inside of me was missing. There were so many paths to walk down, but I didn’t know which path would benefit me the most.

I decided to steer off course and wander from the path. I listened to my heart as it cried out to not let anyone else dictate my life and to always follow my dreams. My hunger for learning, seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and helping others was calling out to me. And I wasn’t going to let an adventure of a lifetime slip away from me.

For quite some time my dream has been to teach abroad. At 23 years old I thought to myself “Why not? If not now, then when?”

This is the beginning of my journey. This is my transformation; the moment I learned how to spread my wings and fly. This is the moment I decided to leave Canada behind for a year to teach English in Barcelona, Spain.

This is my que será será.

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