Stand Up. Stand Out.

I am living in this superficial society
Where everyone just wants to be a celebrity.
Let’s see who can get the most likes on Instagram,
The rest, I don’t give a damn.
Failing classes, getting into trouble; all this for fame,
When inside you are amazing and wasting that is a shame.
So many girls just want the hottest guy,
Just look good and keep their brains on standby.
Don’t worry, you will have a luxurious wedding with prince charming,
Lose yourself and your mind –that can’t be so alarming.
Your looks will fade and you will be left with a meaningless life,
Because you did what you saw on TV and only became a wife.
Don’t lose who you are, study hard and follow your dreams,
Looks and clothes and cars are not as fulfilling as it seems.
Stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone change that
Stand up for what you believe in and don’t be anyone’s doormat.
The one who truly loves you will always treat you with care,
You don’t have to change or chase him, for you he will always be there.
So make your life meaningful and do something to make a change;
Don’t worry if everyone thinks you are quite strange.
We are all strange in our own particular way,
But if we all play our part, we will only see better days.
Be strong and make this life worth living,
Be caring, compassionate, generous and forgiving.
Forget about the judgmental society that will just waste your time,
Find the highest mountain; get up and climb!

Author: Daniella Sousa

I have recently taught abroad and developed a love for travel. I am a current Bachelor of Education student and a lifetime lover of writing. I believe the world needs a little more adventure, love and positivity and that everyone should find the courage to get up and follow their dreams.

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