CosmoCaixa Barcelona


CosmoCaixa is a 30,000 square meter science museum in Barcelona, Spain. The building was designed in 1904 with a Modernista style by architect Josep Domènech i Estapà. CosmoCaixa was named the first interactive science museum in Spain and is one of the largest in the country. The museum is an exciting facility of nine floors, six of which are underground, and a large patio offering views of the city. When visitors first enter the building they walk 30 meters down a gigantic spiral ramp surrounding an Acariquara tree from the Amazon. On the main floor of the museum visitors can test out science experiments first hand and produce their own waves, sandstorms, tornadoes and rock formations. A 1,000 square meter jungle greenhouse lies within the museum with 30 meter tall Amazonian trees floating above the water. This Flooded Forest contains a wide biodiversity of animals including fish, turtles, snakes, frogs, stingrays and even a capibara.  The museum also hosts a planetarium, where visitors can have an interactive look at the stars, as well as many temporary exhibits, including the “Languages and the Brain” exhibit which tackles linguistics. CosmoCaixa is an exciting facility, booming with knowledge and information about life and science.


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