Camp Nou

With no shortage of victories, Camp Nou displays an astounding array of trophies for one of the strongest football teams in the world, FC Barcelona. The club housed some of the greatest football legends like László Kubala, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo de Assis “Ronaldhino”  and Luis Figo. Of course, not to mention, the club currently houses mega-football stars like Xavi Hernández and Lionel Messi. The colossal Camp Nou stadium is the largest football stadium in Europe and holds the second largest capacity in the world with 99,354 seats.  The construction of this world-famous field started in March of 1954 because FC Barcelona’s previous field, Camp de Les Corts, had no more room for expansion. Due to its massive size, Camp Nou is host to many other world-famous events outside of football, like hosting a mass conducted by Pope John Paul II and U2’s 360 ° Tour. The colossal stadium, crisp, green pitch and extensive club-coloured seating is a must-see for every football lover.

Author: Daniella Sousa

I have recently taught abroad and developed a love for travel. I am a current Bachelor of Education student and a lifetime lover of writing. I believe the world needs a little more adventure, love and positivity and that everyone should find the courage to get up and follow their dreams.

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